Street, images, signs, no, no ... God, details, but everything is so little and so important, every corner a find, a potted plant, a bare wire, the sky. Here I live, in a piece of bush forgotten by all, in the crack of the brick that keeps the building in riste, on the Brazil 's flag, in the last window of the house. The gaze passes shallow, the creation belongs to all, is in the door of the cinema, in the traveling stalls, in the posters of the walls, in the popular imagination, in the salt of the sea, in the faith ... And so we create a world, though confused, a world.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rio de Janeiro,  2020


Graduated in Design from PUC-Rio/Brazil
Painting Courses on Parque Lage - Visual Art School - RJ/Brazil





                     Solo Exhibition Z42 Gallery - The Land, Scape - curated by Fernando Cocchiarale - RJ

2019             Solo Exhibition coGalleries - Stille - Berlin, Germany

                     Collective / Eixo Arte - RJ

                    Art Basel Miami - USA

2017            Solo Exhibition TAC Gallery - Otro Jardín - Lima, Peru

                    Collective Exhibition TAC Gallery- Lima - Peru

                    Solo Exhibition -  Landscapes -  curated by Isabel Sanson Portella 

                    Solo Exhibition - All who know are being watched  - Casa Rio - RJ

                    Collective Exhibition - Toulouse Gallery

2016            French Alliance - Niterói RJ

                    Art Lima - Peru

                    Boca Ratón Art Fair - Miami  FL - USA

                   Art Lima - Peru

                   Collective Exhibition - ROTATORY - Olho da Rua - RJ

2015           Collective Exhibition- ART Y.Z. Visionary - RJ

                   Collective Exhibition - CASA 70 - RJ

                   Collective Exhibition   3 Visual Arts Hall CCFA – Cultural Center France Germany - German Cultural Institute – RJ 

2013          Collective Exhibition Jardim Suspenso – RJ


Art Residences

2019           coGalleries - Berlin Germany





Zyan Zein, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

Leo  Kuelbs Collection - New York/US

Cláudio Valansi, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

Private Collections